Fenix Solutions Software

Fenix Solutions Software is an Australian owned software development and IT solutions company that directly employs more than 25 full time employees in Australia and around the world. Fenix Solutions was established in 2004 and our fast growth and success has come about from providing quality software and web solutions and making this process easy for our customers.


Fenix Solutions provides services to organisations of all sizes across many different types of projects and solutions including software engineering and development, website design and development of all sizes, we host our own servers in Australia including our own private cloud and virtualisation services, create web enabled solutions, build and develop new technology products and undertake research and development.

Client Locations

Fenix Solutions provide software services and solutions, outsourcing and product development all around Australia, in China and globally. No matter where you are we can help you with quality software solutions, outsourcing and product development.

Australian Office

Our head office is located in Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia. Beaconsfield is a growing town located approximately 40 minutes south-east of the Melbourne CBD off the M1 freeway. From our Victorian office we manage projects, standards, software requirements, most high level phases of software development including planning, analysis, design, help desk, support, hardware and servers, the Fenix Solutions Cloud Service, the Fenix Solutions Virtualisation Service and our management operations.

Indian Office

Our india Fenix Solutions software development office. Our dedicated team of professional software developers and software testers carry out the major portion of software implementation services and software testing in our india office.

Our Staff

Our family of staff is located both in Australia and India allowing us to provide cost effective solutions with effective high calibre management. Our intercontinental team enjoy our employee exchange program and project visits as well as communicating every day by video, voice and interactive software.