Software and Project Outsourcing

Fenix Solutions is your reliable IT outsourcing company, whether you are a software house, a company with your own IT team, a company without any IT presence or a start-up Fenix Solutions makes outsourcing and offshore software development and projects easy.

Effective Management

With Fenix Solutions's split offices in Victoria, Australia and Wushi, China you can outsource your projects knowing that whether the work is being done on-shore or off-shore it’s being completed by people who work for the same company and work together in the same teams day-in and day-out. Our outsourcing model for software and information technology projects provides full accountability while giving you the cost effectiveness of outsourcing.

Onshore Services and Development

Our onshore development and services are completed by our highly capable management team of Solution Leaders and Systems Analyst in our Victorian office in Australia. The majority of our staff are multilingual in English and Mandarin allowing effective communication with our China office whilst a majority of our China staff can also speak and write English.

Offshore Development

Our offshore development is undertaken by our software company in China. Fenix Solutions China has 20 full-time employees with professional qualifications and expertise in application software, website development, web application software and web solutions.

Cost Effective Outsourcing and Offshore Development

Our outsourcing and offshore development is a highly effective solution because our team of people all work for the same company, are managed with the same standards, communicate with each other every day, have an active employee exchange program in place, only have two hours difference between our office time zones and work together during the same business hours.

Successful Outcomes

What all this means is that our outsourcing and offshore development customers get an intercontinental software development and project management team providing the ultimate in cost effective rates and successful outcomes.
  • Technologies and Expertise
  • Customer Application Development
  • Website Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Windows Forms Development
  • Dot Net Nuke Content Management System
  • IPhone Application Development
  • Microsoft .Net Development
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • PHP Development
  • Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

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